SAR report generation

The simple SAR report will compare all compounds within a given project. Only compounds that have associated experiment data will be included.

First, select a project. This will automatically select the project's reference compound, which is the compound that the "DerNot diff." column of the final report is based on. You are free to enter the compound number of a different reference compound and re-run the report. The "DerNot diff." column will then be recalculated based on that compound.

Next, select an assay and an assay parameter. You are then ready to press the "Create report" button and see the final SAR report.

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idNameRef. compound noRef. compound name
2InsulinsC00001Human insulin
3CyclosporinsC00007Cyclosporin CsA
4GLP-1 analougesNoneNone
5Dup check demoNoneNone

Project Ref. compound


idNameTotal result count
42Insulin pharmacokinetics.25
75Cyclosporin toxicity - oral dose, rat.18
Click an assay name to see its associated assay parameters...

Assay Assay parameter

Resulting SAR table

Select source data above and press the "Create report" button.