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Enter a sequence query in the "Sequence like" textbox or draw a structure fragment in the "Structure contains" chemistry editor below and press the "Search" button. The database will then perform a sequence + substructure search and show you the results.

To make the chemistry back-end scale in this database, only the post-translationally and chemically modified fragments of a protein are chemically searchable. This means that a substructure search can be used to find

  • Modified residues and terminals
  • D-form residues
  • Residues that are part of a lactam cycle

But - it won't find residues that are ordinary naturally occuring amino acids. Trying to find unmodified amino acids using a chemistry search therefore won't work. However, searching for natural amino acids is faster and more precise through a simple sequence search.

To learn how to search for subseqeuences and cyclic sequences follow this guide.

Example queries:

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