In the demonstration database all compounds are associated one-to-one with a project.

Start by selecting a project and you will then see that project's reference compound being loaded in the protein editor below (the green frame). Try for instance to click "Insulins" or "Cyclosporins".

You can edit the protein PLN directly or you can create a protein derived from the reference compound by entering a DerNot expression and pressing the "Apply to ref." button. The resulting PLN will be automatically loaded into the protein editor.


idNameRef. compound noRef. compound name
2InsulinsC00001Human insulin
3CyclosporinsC00007Cyclosporin CsA
4GLP-1 analougesNoneNone
5Dup check demoNoneNone


Ref. compound
DerNot expression

Create "batch 1" with the following comments

When you press the "Prepare for saving" button the protein will be duplicate-checked against the already registered compounds in the database. If duplicates are found you will be presented with a list of those duplicates that you can investigate before choosing to finalize or abort the registration.