Proteax - protein comparison and naming

This web page demonstrates the use of DerNot expressions in Proteax®. DerNot expressions can be applied to existing proteins to create new protein derivatives or be calculated to express the difference between two protein entries (naming the derivative).

Query - a protein entry or a DerNot expression: (instructions)

Reference protein text:

Calculated DerNot expression DerNot expression applied
Reference protein Query protein (aligned to ref.)

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This page is for demonstration purposes only - to use Proteax on a regular basis you will need to obtain a license.


The query field will accept either a protein entry in any recognized format (UniProt, GPMAW, PLN or FASTA) or a DerNot expression.

Regardless of what you enter in the query field Proteax will do a full round-trip calculation:

  • When you enter a protein entry in the query field the "Go" button will calculate the DerNot expression that describes the difference between the query protein and the reference protein.
  • The calculated DerNot expression will then be applied to the reference protein, resulting in a calculated derivative.
  • When a DerNot expression is entered in the query field the "Go" button will calculate a protein derivative by applying the DerNot expression to the reference protein entry.
  • The calculated derivative will then be compared with the reference protein and result in a calculated DerNot expression.