You can try some of these small well-known proteins.

Or a rather big one (your browser will spend a little while drawing the 2D molecule).

Proteax - multi-format calculator

This web page demonstrates Proteax®'s automatic format detection and parsing capabilities. The page uses Adobe Flash to display sequences and structures so it can be used by browsers that do not support modern HTML5.

You can enter a protein in any recognized format (UniProt, GPMAW, PLN or FASTA) and have it transformed into any of the other formats without losing chemical information. One notable exception is of course the FASTA format which does not support any chemical annotations at all.

Along the way, Proteax will calculate chemical properties and produce sequence and structure renderings of the protein.

Protein text:

Transform to:

Transformed protein text
Sequence Molecular weights Da
Standard UniProt420.37634
2D molecule

This page is for demonstration purposes only - to use Proteax on a regular basis you will need to obtain a license.

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